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About Open Letter

Here at open letter we want the public to decide the public agenda. We are passionate about offering solutions that can change the opinion of a country. For too long the power of decision making has belonged to an aging generation that prioritises the wrong things, and shy away from the topics that really matter. A report on surrogacy and assisted human reproduction has been gathering dust for over 10 years. The referendum on gay marriage came 15 years after the first gay marriage ceremony in the Netherlands. Our Politicians, decision makers and institutions have been caught napping for too long, and we here at open letter want to change that.


We want to hear from you, and force the people who represent us to act on the things that matter in a timely fashion. We want to give the normal person a voice, and push for a wider debate on the topics that are most relevant to us as a population. With an election on the horizon, we want to grasp the opportunity to be heard.


All we ask is that you keep it factual and solution based. Then after you submit a letter, sit back, relax and see the majority opinion take hold. This is the forum for enabling true democracy. We are a dedicated team of people coming from a variety of backgrounds, coming together to redirect the public agenda back to where it belongs.

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